It’s not what you think.  You may be thinking it requires an epic strategy or flawless execution or a list of other tangibles. I invite you to expand your horizons.

While taking actions steps daily is key, it’s not the soul of what’s deeply needed to be a valuable producer.  This is a non-negotiable and it must happen in order to achieve that goal you’ve set, especially if it’s a big one.

Your new level will require a whole new level of you to be rebirthed and unearthed.  The commitment needed to do this is a shedding of who you used to be.

Now, hold up a minute, you may be questioning my tactics. After all it’s highly possible that you’ve achieved quite a bit personally and professionally.  I feel you.  That’s great.

However, to go to that new level – y’know the illusory one that seems so far out of reach, you must go way beyond what you ever thought possible.  This is like a stretch goal on steroids and it can feel really uncomfortable, yet it’s completely necessary.

I recently had an interesting experience.  I’d been having a recurring dream about a black Bentley and some big houses on the beach.  It got to a tipping point that I had to explore those possibilities, so on a random Saturday in February, I took a trip to my local Bentley dealer.

Sitting in the car completely lit me up.  The leather was impeccable and the level of craftsmanship was insane.  It was a total high for a moment.  As I had a friendly conversation with the sales guy, he informed me that the car in the showroom I had been sitting in was a V8 – yet all the new models coming in were V12.  The V8 option was no longer available.  In California, V12 equals gas guzzler tax.  We discussed that for a bit and then I was on my merry way.  I took his business card just in case.

Riding the wave of this experience I noticed signs leading to an open house in an exclusive neighborhood in the hills above the ocean.  Yes, please!  I drove up to the house, toured it and giggled at the almost 4 million dollar price tag.  It made sense – the location, the square footage, all of it.  Once again, lovely sales person happy to assist me.

I returned home after an exhilarating day of living at that level energetically – the level of being able to afford those two hefty price tag items with ease. It was what happened in the days to follow that I didn’t see coming.

I had thought I was perfectly in alignment with all of that.  It felt pretty exhilarating, right?

Yes and no.  I got very present to what I have and the level I’m at – I’m very blessed.  Yet, the Bentley, big house level is definitely a massive jump.

I realized that the thought of a V12 vehicle made me feel not so good.  Guilt rushed in.  Yes, those new Bentleys are beautiful, but something didn’t sit right with that gas guzzler tax.  It’s not the money, it’s what’s behind the gas guzzler tax.

I realized it’s the environmental and social aspect of it that hit me like a hard punch to the stomach.  Suddenly, as delicious as that Bentley was, it didn’t feel in alignment anymore and I got really clear on my values and the impact I want to make on this planet personally, professionally, socially, environmentally.

The Bentley just didn’t “fit in” with that and I realized that when I do reach that EPIC level, I’d be better served with setting my sights on something like a Tesla Model S or some other gorgeous luxury car that aligns with who I want to show up as in the world.

This led me to dig even deeper.

I realized it wasn’t about the Bentley or the house specifically – those are just material items that can fall away or decline in value.  It was about the woman who I will become in order to afford a Bentley easily.  This was an EPIC aha moment.

It’s about the essence, not about the external. 

You get the essence right, you get the alignment right and those fun, shiny objects come along as a bonus.  They are not the reason.  The reason is something deep inside you, this driving force to do bigger, better things in the world, to make a difference, to make a positive impact, to transform lives globally on an epic scale.

To take your business to that next level, it requires a different you. 

It requires a you that thinks big today and exponentially bigger in the next moment.

It requires that you get epically comfortable with being uncomfortable.

It requires the you that embody the essence of that big player – the one that can really make that positive impact. The one that can create products, programs, services, apps, systems that transform lives for the better.

When you uplevel,  your business will too – regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur in a corporation right now.  It requires that you show up and you show out.  It begins and ends with you.

You are that powerful.  You do have the ability to extend that influence.  You can create a more expansive experience for yourself and others in every single minute and with every single breath.

So I leave you with two questions:

What is that epic goal that would require you to play a bigger game?

What one step are you going to take today to do something about it?

Let me know in the comments below.  I’d love to hear from you!

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