A little bit about me… 

A curator of copy, content and conversion, a marketing monetization maven, a purveyor of promotion… that’s me.  And it’s been in my blood since the beginning.  It fuels me and lights me up Every. Single. Day.

A serial entrepreneur by nature, my first attempt at building a business was a lemonade stand at 6.  My first legit business was an entertainment company I founded at the ripe age of 18.

I fell into promotions and marketing in my teen years, starting out by managing and promoting rock bands.  I gave them a brand, promoted them online and put them on the map.  This blossomed into the aforementioned entertainment company that I enjoyed running as well as some lucrative strategic partnerships, brand endorsements and a record deal or two.

I realized early on that there was power in a brand.  There was power in a presence.  There was power in influencing your audience.  And there are tools that can be used over and over again to drive traffic, to drive conversions, to powerfully connect with your desired audience again and again.

I’ve been blessed to have a successful career in copywriting and digital marketing strategy, spanning two decades and working with a vast array of clients from Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 companies, to savvy tech startups, and solo-entrepreneurs up to some good in this world.

My digital marketing, content, branding and campaign strategies have garnered over 40 million dollars in online sales for my clients.

Authentic Content – Powerful Stories – Booming Branding – Catalytic Converting the digital way… that’s how we play. 😉

Will you be next?


  1. Garnered over $40 Million in online revenue for my clients
  2. Developed the lead digital campaign and brand strategy for a national brand that made them over $3 Million in sales in 3 months time
  3. Co-founded a tech startup (the only woman on the team) and single-handedly spearheaded the strategic positioning for a capital raise that garnered us $450K
  4. Held my first executive level position in marketing at the age of 29
  5. Spearheaded go-to-market strategies for several start-up companies, leading them to estabilish thier digital footprint and monetize rapidly
  6. Forged a strategic partnership between my start up and Warner Brother Records to seal a lucrative deal that brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue monthly
  7. Consulted for Fortune 100 companies including: Coca-Cola, Verizon Wireless, Wells Fargo Bank, DirecTV, Delta Airlines, Intuit, TurboTax, Experian and many others


I believe you’re here for a reason.

I believe that you can have the business, the clients, the profits you want.

And I believe that your time is now.  It’s time to take it all the way UP!