A little bit about me… 

Once apime… No.  That’s not a typo.  Before I could even read, I could tell stories according my mother. They all started out the same way.  For some reason, I didn’t get “upon” so everything was “Once apime,” that’s how I started my storytelling career.

As a pre-teen I started writing my first full length novels, as well as telling stories through other media on stage – such as singing, acting and dancing.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Creative self-expression did and still does light me up.

As an adult, my love and gift of storytelling transitioned into the business world, where I became a curator of copy, content and conversion, ultimately leading me to step into the world of marketing and become a purveyor of promotion, able to monetize marketing through powerful storytelling with brands and in campaigns.

Truth be told, I fell into promotions and marketing in my teen years, starting out by managing and promoting rock bands.  I gave them a brand, promoted them online and put them on the map.  This blossomed into an entertainment company that I enjoyed running with another creative business partner as well as some lucrative strategic partnerships, brand endorsements and a record deal or two.

I realized early on that there was power in creativity and how it is expressed both with people and with brands.  There is power in a presence, an authentic presence.  This presence can easily translate into influence.  With this influence, you can deeply and profoundly connect with your desired audience again and again. 

Authentic Expression – Powerful Stories – Magnetic Influence … that’s how I play. 😉

Will you be next?



  1. Developed the lead digital campaign and brand strategy for a national brand that made them over $3 Million in sales in 3 months time
  2. Spearheaded go-to-market strategies for several start-up companies, leading them to estabilish their digital brand and presence
  3. Consulted for Fortune 100 companies including: Coca-Cola, Verizon Wireless, Wells Fargo Bank, DirecTV, Delta Airlines, Intuit, TurboTax, Experian and many others